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Singing School (2022)

kids and cookies_2022_Ken Macklin.JPG.jpg

Kids and Cookies (2022)

Moonrise and roses_2022_Ken Macklin.jpg.JPG

Moonrise and Roses (2022) Painted Ceramic

in_just_spring_2018_Ken Macklin.jpg

In Just Spring (2018)

steel, springs & steel wool

Judgement of Paris-Ken Macklin 2021.jpg

Judgement of Paris

the_merry-go-round_brings_them_2005_Ken Macklin.jpg

The Merry-go-round Brings Them 2005

concrete, glazed ceramic & painted steel

where_horses_hide_2003_Ken Macklin.jpg

White Horses Hide 2003
concrete & steel

"......Macklin’s new work is multi-layered and moves freely and confidently between formalist praxis and personal narrative. He uses nature not just as a source of formal investigations but also as subject matter, thus marking new relationships between nature, architecture, and subjectivity. It is a first full attempt, an experiment to rewrite his art with lived experience. As French theorist Jack Ranciere has suggested: “ it is at this junction between art, life and thought that artists, critics, and audiences may reinvent aesthetics.”

Caterina Pizanias, PhD., Calgary, Alberta

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